Renaming Projects at VersionEye

VersionEye currently supports 9 Package Managers. Everytime VersionEye is parsing a file it tries to find a project name inside of the project file. That works quiet well for Java, PHP and Node.JS for example. For Python it doesn’t work at all because a requirement.txt file doesn’t contain the project name. That’s why VersionEye takes the filename as project name. That can be confusing if you have 10 requirement.txt files in VersionEye. If VersionEye sends you the notification emails you will see something like this.


But which one out of your 10 requirements.txt files is now effected? Luckily you can rename your projects afterwards. Just navigate to your Python project in VersionEye and click the little edit icon beside the project name.


Now you can edit the project name.


Now in the follow up emails you will see the new project name.

Let me know if you have questions to this.

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