Intro to Firegento

Firegento e.V. is an association around the PHP ecommerce framework Magento, dedicated to Open Source, the Community around it and supporting the apprenticeship and education of developers. It started with a group of Developers from different companies to create open source projects under a neutral name. Firegento regularly organizes Magento centred Hackathons in Europe and supports a good set of Magento related projects.
I want to tell you about the two which are now related to VersionEye.

The Magento Composer Installer

Every bigger PHP project seems to have its own installer to integrate packages from composer into the current project, so we thought we should write one for Magento, too. That was nearly 2 years ago at a hackathon. Today it is a standard tool many Magento Developers know and its even a part of the regular Magento trainings (at least people told me this). In other News, it’s currently the 3rd most referenced php project on VersionEye and even the Magento project itself uses it as base for an own composer installer.

With the increased interest into composer there also grow a need to have access to the whole world of magento modules, which created the next project I want to introduce.

The Firegento Repository

It uses the composer satis project as base and got initial created to offer easy access to a few Magento modules hosted on GitHub. On one of the hackathons two members of the community felt the need to expand this and created a converter for all the free Magento modules which are published on the Magento marketplace. Thanks to both projects Firegento plays a major role today in spreading the composer usage under Magento developers.


Useful Links related to this article:

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Daniel Fahlke

This article is written by Daniel Fahlke.

I am Daniel Fahlke, on the Internet also known as Flyingmana and work as a Magento Developer at  I am also an active member of the Open Source Community and in my free time currently mostly active in magento and composer related projects. Other things I participate in are PHP-Mentoring, various other PHP projects and some regularly usergroups and conferences.

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