New Feature: Inventory Diff

VersionEye has an open source inventory list for every organisation. That list simply shows all unique dependencies of an VersionEye organisation. The inventory list can be filtered down by different criteria of course.

Now VersionEye can show you the difference between 2 inventory filters. On the new “inventory diff” page you can configure 2 different filters for your inventory and VersionEye will output the differences.


That is especially useful if you are tracking 2 different versions of a project in VersionEye and you want to see the changes in the dependencies. In the example above we can see the differences between Java projects in version 3.11.4 and 3.11.5. We can see that in version 3.11.5 the graph-api 0.9.1 was added and the testNg 6.11 dependency was removed.

Try out this new feature and leave a comment here if you wanna give feedback.

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