“fetching meta data for undefined” – Bug

If you are running your own VersionEye instance since more than 4 weeks then you might see a message like this in the UI:

“Meta information about the project dependencies are currently fetched from the public VersionEye API. Currently fetching meta data for undefined.”

“undefined” is NOT the name of a dependency! In some cases a variable in JavaScript is undefined. This UI bug is fixed in the newest VersionEye Docker images. Unfortunately the bug is related to some indexes on the database which are not valid anymore. To fix this permanently you have to drop “obj_type_id_index” index on MongoDB. That can be achieved with this commands on the VersionEye server:

 docker exec -it mongodb bash
 use veye_enterprise;

That will remove the index and fix the problem permanently. A new index with the same name will be created automatically in the next 24 hours, from a background job.

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