5 Years of VersionEye

In February 2012 I founded the VersionEye GmbH in Mannheim / Germany. Unbelievable, but that’s already 5 years ago. Back then in 2012 VersionEye was only tracking versions for Java, Ruby and Python libraries, all together less than 150K components. There was no GitHub integration, no Bitbucket & Stash integration, no API and almost no traffic on the VersionEye.com page.

In the last 5 years the product evolved a lot. Now VersionEye is tracking licenses & security vulnerabilities as well besides versions for more than 1.2 Million components. There is a very good integration for GitHub, Bitbucket and Atlassian Stash. There is a public REST API which is heavily used by many native plugins and AddOns. The product became open source last year and is used as on-premise installations at big enterprises. The usage of VersionEye is reflected by the growing traffic on VersionEye.com. Here are 2 screenshots from the VersionEye Google Analytics account:



By the way: Since January 2014 we spent exactly 0 EUR for Ads and Marketing. All the traffic we are getting is organic.

Many thanks to all the people who are using the product, giving feedback and helping improving it. There are a couple interesting new features and integrations planed for 2017. Stay tuned and follow VersionEye on Twitter 😉