Dependency & License Management

Last week I did a talk about Dependency & License Management at the Eurostaff Connect(s) – Berlin Developer Group. I was not able to do the trip to Berlin, that’s why we did the talk remote via Skype screen sharing.


I recorded everything with ScreenFlow, but unfortunately the recording was without sound. That’s why I did the presentation again and recorded it this time with sound 🙂 Here is the presentation on YouTube:

And here are the slides on SlideShare:

Feel free to ask questions here in the comments.

Mute specific versions

Check out our new, highly requested “mute” feature. Here is how it works: Suppose that you have out-dated dependencies in your project, e.g. jquery-rails. But for some reason you decided to not use the current version 3.0.4.


VersionEye used to keep sending you weekly email notifications telling you that your jquery-rails version is out-dated and you couldn’t turn it off. The good news is that you will be able now to mute a specific version in a particular project, simply by clicking on the icon in the left column. The “mute” feature will be automatically reset in case a newer version comes out, for example 3.0.5. You still get a notification about updated versions but you can turn off the weekly reminder anytime.

We would greatly appreciate your feedback!

VersionEye’s Dependency Badges got a new look

We increased the legibility and concise style of our badge solution. They are now conform with all the other github badges, which means that they have the same style and measurements. They are already online and here’s the new look:



Currently VersionEye offers dependency badges for Ruby, Java, PHP and Node.JS. You can also already find them on some GitHub pages:

We would love to hear your feedback :-)

VersionEye’s new Dependency Badges

We are happy to announce that VersionEye now provides new dependency badges for Java, Ruby, PHP and Node.JS. They are available on every package page and look like this:


With the help of the badges you can see immediately if the dependencies of a software library are up-to-date, out-of-date or unknown. Click on the badges and a pop-up window will appear with code snippets for mostly used markup languages. To add the badges to your GitHub or other HTML pages, simply copy and paste.

Good news: The badges are also available for your public VersionEye projects.


You know a project is up-to-date when all of a project’s dependencies are up-to-date.

Can’t wait to see these badges on GitHub!  :-)