Auditlogs for Projects

At VersionEye you can add collaborators to your project. Up to now the collaboration feature was only there to get the email notification about out-dated dependencies in the project. With the last update the collaborators have almost the same rights as the project owner. They can:

  • Rename the project
  • Invite other collaborators
  • Change ALL project settings in the settings tab.
  • Trigger the ‘Re Parse’ button.

They can not:

  • Remove a collaborator. Just themselves.
  • Change the license whitelist of the project.

All this actions are logged in the Auditlogs. In the project settings tap at the bottom the Auditlogs of the project are listed.

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 14.13.45

That way everybody can do almost everything and the actions are documented and reproducible.

VersionEye collaborators

Check out one of the coolest features we recently added to VersionEye: the collaboration feature. Maybe you have already noticed the “collaborators” tab in the project view. It allows you to add a collaborator to your project. Simply type in the full name or nickname of the collaborator and our autocomplete input field will show you some suggestions.
In case your collaborator is not signed up yet at VersionEye you can fill in an email address and send him an invitation.


The collaborators will also receive email notifications to your project and can configure the frequency of the notifications in the “Settings” tab.

We have built this feature for distributed teams and use it ourselves, too.