Mute specific versions

Check out our new, highly requested “mute” feature. Here is how it works: Suppose that you have out-dated dependencies in your project, e.g. jquery-rails. But for some reason you decided to not use the current version 3.0.4.


VersionEye used to keep sending you weekly email notifications telling you that your jquery-rails version is out-dated and you couldn’t turn it off. The good news is that you will be able now to mute a specific version in a particular project, simply by clicking on the icon in the left column. The “mute” feature will be automatically reset in case a newer version comes out, for example 3.0.5. You still get a notification about updated versions but you can turn off the weekly reminder anytime.

We would greatly appreciate your feedback!

KPI’s for software libraries

Have you seen VersionEye’s new detail view for our software libraries? We just launched it this week.


Enjoy the new, clearer view and check out important KPIs for software developers on the right side. For example, you can see how many days/weeks/months/years ago the selected version of the library was released. Let’s say the current version was released 1 year ago, so it’s very likely that the project is no longer maintained and you shouldn’t use software libraries that are not maintained anymore.

We also have a KPI that shows the average release time. In general, if the average release time is less than 1 month and the current version was released less than 1 month ago, you can assume that the project is still active. You are able to report bugs, change requests and the core committers will reply and help you.

Another KPI for a high quality software library is the number of references. If there are 10K other artefacts referencing a software library it is very likely that the project is great.

We would love to hear your feedback on that. So let us know what you think.

VersionEye collaborators

Check out one of the coolest features we recently added to VersionEye: the collaboration feature. Maybe you have already noticed the “collaborators” tab in the project view. It allows you to add a collaborator to your project. Simply type in the full name or nickname of the collaborator and our autocomplete input field will show you some suggestions.
In case your collaborator is not signed up yet at VersionEye you can fill in an email address and send him an invitation.


The collaborators will also receive email notifications to your project and can configure the frequency of the notifications in the “Settings” tab.

We have built this feature for distributed teams and use it ourselves, too.

Switch for all repos

We have updated our GitHub Single Page App. So far we only supported repositories from languages VersionEye already supports. That means we used to read the repository language via GitHub API and if it was one of our supported languages, we showed an active “switch” widget you could turn on or off. Unfortunately, this caused errors sometimes. So we changed the behavior. Now the “switch” widget is always active. You can turn it on in each and every case and VersionEye will try to find a project file in the root of your repository.


GOTO Berlin 2013


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