New project view with more details

VersionEye can monitor your software project and notify you about out-dated dependencies, license violations and security vulnerabilities. Up to now we had for each of them a separate tab in the project view page. That was bit confusing and many users even didn’t noticed that there are different tabs. That’s why improved that. Now there is one unified table view which shows all the desired information. Here an example:

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 09.09.47

Everything what is red is an issue. In the above example you can see immediately which dependencies have security vulnerabilities, which are outdated and which are violating your license whitelist! There is no need of switching between tabs anymore!

The header was refactored, too. Now you can download all the available project exports from the same page. By the way the version.pdf export is new 😉 Beside that you can download here the license.pdf and security.pdf for your project.


The skipped the license tab completely but kept the security tab because it’s still a nice summary for the security vulnerabilities!

Let us know how you like this new view.

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