Simplified component whitelist

With VersionEye you can ensure a license policy by assigning a license whitelist to your project. Beside that there is a feature called component whitelist, with that you can whitelist certain components for your project. That makes totally sense for dependencies which are for example unknown to VersionEye. Another use case would be if the dependency has an unknown license, in that case you could also put the dependency on the component whitelist.

The component whitelist is a list of “LANGUAGE:PROD_KEY:VERSION” values. Until now you had to know which value you have to put on your component whitelist. For many people it was confusing. Now we simplified that. In the project view in the license tab beside each dependency which is unknown or violates the license whitelist you will find a “+” icon. But clicking on it the dependency from that row will be added to the component whitelist:


The “+” icon only shows up if are an Admin or an Owner of the organisation AND a component whitelist is assigned to the project.

That should make your life much easier 😉

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