Refactored Notifications

VersionEye is monitoring more than 1.2 Million open source projects by now. You can follow any of those OS projects at VersionEye and as soon a new Version of the followed package is release you will receive an email notification.

Facebook like notifications

The notifications which are created and send out to you are available in the web interface as well, but it was a bit hidden up to now. In the current version new notifications count is displayed with a red banner in the main menu. Just like you know it from Facebook and other social networks. Here an example:


Directly next to “Organisations” in the main menu you can see a red 1. That means you have 1 unread notification. If you click on it you get to the notification view and the red notification count disappears.


That way you see immediately if there are new releases out there. Even before you get the email 😉

Notifications via API

The notifications for new artefacts you are following are available via the public VersionEye API as well. It works exact the same way. If you have unread notifications the API will return a list of notification entities and each of the unread notifications will have the flag “read = false”. If you fetch the same resources again the “read” attribute will be on “true”.


Beside that the API also returns the information if the notification was already send out vial email or not.

By the way. There is a new VersionEye – Slack connector which is already using this API Endpoint. With that you can receive the notifications directly into your Slack channel!

Leave a comment here if you have feedback.

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