New Team Notifications

VersionEye has already a concept for organisations and teams. Up to know it was possible to assign 1 team to multiple projects, but a project was always connected to exactly 1 team. The team members received All notifications in the period which was selected on the project. That was not ideal because specially in big organisations there are different groups of interests. Some people are only interested in  security notifications, some only in license notifications and others are maybe interested in version and security notifications. Beside that different groups of people want to get their notifications on different week days. Now all this possible!

Now the notification and period settings are not on the project level anymore. There are on the team level now. Each team can choose which notifications there are interested in and on which week days they want to receive the email notifications to that.

Maybe the developer team is interested in outdated versions and security vulnerabilities and they want to receive email notifications from Monday to Friday but not on the weekend. That would look like this:


The team “security_officers” is only interested in security notifications on every day of the week. That would look like this:


And now a project can be assigned to multiple teams. In the project settings tab, at the bottom, multiple teams can be selected which should be assigned to the project.


In the example above 2 teams are assigned to this project. Each team will receive email notifications for different aspects of the project, on different days of the week.

This new model offers much more flexibility and is a really good fit for big organisations with many teams and many projects.

Try it out and leave a comment here if you have feedback.

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