Vagrantfile for VersionEye

The VersionEye software is bundled in Docker images. Every time we do a deployment to production a new Docker image is build and published to Docker Hub. As we do several deployments per day there are new VersionEye Docker images every day. The whole software stack includes 8 Docker images currently and in the versioneye/ops_contrib repository it is described how to start and manage them.

To make it even easier to get started we published a Vagrantfile for it. Simply clone the versioneye/ops_contrib repository and run this command:

vagrant up

That will create a new Vagrant box and install & configure all the VersionEye Docker images on it. Depending on your internet connection it can take a while. If everything is done the VersionEye web interface can be reached under this address in the browser

It was never easier to start your own VersionEye instance 🙂

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