Billing per Organisation

Another big refactoring is finished. Up to now the subscription model at VersionEye was bound to a personal user account. That caused especially confusion in the context of organisations. As all projects are organised in organisations now, it makes sense to do the whole billing per organisation as well. Now every organisation has his own plan, billing address and payment history.


The section for plan, billing address and payment history is only accessible for the owners / admins of the organisation. Every user who is in the “Owners” team can change the plan and billing address of the organisation.

This refactoring especially makes sense for companies because they have now a really good representation of their organisation at VersionEye. They pay for the number of private projects + API calls and they can invite as many collaborators as they want.

The plan / subscription model is not available anymore for users. All plans and projects have been migrated to organisations.

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