Organisation by default

VersionEye allows you to organise your projects in organisations and teams. Up to now, this was an optional feature. By default, if you created a new project in VersionEye it was attached to your user profile and optional you could transfer the project to an organisation if desired. That caused some confusion, especially because the cool features like license whitelist, component whitelist and teams are only available in an organisation. That means that by default a new user doesn’t get this cool features to see.

Now organisation is turned on by default. For every new user who signs up  a new organisation is created and after the login the user is redirected to the projects inside his/her organisation. If a user is part of multiple organisations the first one is picked where the user is in the owners team. Of course you can switch your organisation every time through the “Organisations” main menu.

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 13.52.31

In the “Projects” main menu all projects overall organisations can be viewed, but the side menu disappeared from the left side. That’s not a bug. That’s by purpose. New projects can be created now from inside of an organisation only. That way every new project is attached to an organisation.

For all the existing users who are not yet part of an organisation we created a new organisation which has the name of the user with the prefix “_orga”. Beside that all projects who has been attached to user profiles have been migrated into the corresponding organisation. By now ALL projects belong to an organisation object in VersionEye. If something went wrong at this migration please contact the support at

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