API Key for Organisations

Up to now, every user could generate an API Key for the VersionEye API and every key was attached to a real user in VersionEye. Many teams asked how they should handle an API Key for Jenkins, TravisCI, CodeShip, CircleCI or any other CI system where a VersionEye plugin is used at build time. So far a completely new user was created and added to the corresponding team and the API key of that user was used at the CI system to communicate with the VersionEye API. That was kind of a workaround because nobody wanted to share their personal API key on a server.

Now every organisation at VersionEye has a separateĀ API key!


This API key is NOT attached to a real user in VersionEye. That means it can not be used to login to the web application. This API key is visible for the organisation owners only! With the API key of an organisation, all CRUD operations for projects inside of the corresponding organisation can be performed.

That way it’s even easier and more secure to use the VersionEye API. If you have questions to this new feature feel free to leave a comment here.

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