Showing sync status in VersionEye Enterprise

If you start your own instance of VersionEye, like described here, your locale VerisonEye database is empty. If you create a new project in your locale VersionEye then all the project dependencies are displayed as UNKNOWN, because the database is empty. In the background, your locale instance will start fetching the missing meta information from the public VersionEye API and store it in the locale database. After the sync process is finished the project will be reparsed and the open source dependencies are displayed correctly with the current versions and licenses.

Up to now, there was no feedback in the UI about this background process. Now in the project detail view a sync box shows up which shows the status of the sync process.

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 17.58.12

Now the background process is visible and it even shows which dependencies are synced currently. Depending on the number of the dependencies this sync process can take a couple minutes.


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