VersionEye Maven Plugin – Transitiv Dependencies

Version 3.10.0 of the popular VersionEye Maven Plugin is out! This new release brings a new feature to the plugin. Now with this optional configuration parameter:


he plugin will resolve ALL direct AND transitive dependencies and send all of them to the VersionEye API. By default this is turned off. If this new option is turned of the plugin will only send the direct dependencies to the VersionEye API and the result might look similar to this one.


If the transitivDependencies option is turned on the scopes are ignored. The plugin will create 2 scopes, 1 for the direct dependencies and 1 for the transitive dependencies. The result will look similar to this one:


This configuration option also has some implications to other configuration options. If transitiveDependencies is true then the configurations optionsignoreDependencyManagement and skipScopes are ignored.

Try out this new release and feel free to open a ticket on the GitHub repository if you find any issues.

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