Mute Security Vulnerabilities

VersionEye is aggregating different security databases and notfies you about security vulnerabilities in your projects. Sometimes one of your dependencies is affected by a security vulnerability but it’s not relevant to you because maybe your application is not exposed to the Internet. In that case you don’t want to receive the same security notification from VersionEye again and again. That can be annoying! That’s why you can mute security vulnerabilities now.

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 11.17.06

In the security tab below each security vulnerability there is a “mute” button now. If you click on it a modal dialog shows up where you can type in a reason why this is not relevant for you. The first security vulnerability in the above image is muted and the reason is displayed directly next to it.

If all security vulnerabilities in the project are muted you will not receive any security notifications anymore for that project.

We hope this new feature is useful to you.

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