Project Version Filter

VersionEye monitors your project and notifies you about out-dated dependencies, security vulnerabilities and license violations.

Currently VersionEye supports 12 package managers. Each of the supported package managers has a “project file” where the dependencies of the projects are listed. Some of them allow to store meta data as well, for example the version of the project. Up to now VersionEye has read the version and stored it in the project representation at the VersionEye server. But now VersionEye has a new feature which takes this one step further.

If VersionEye can find the version information in the project file, for example in the pom.xml file, then the version will be displayed already in the project overview.


Further more VersionEye has now a filter for project versions. Inside of an organisation the projects can be filtered down by a version string. That is specially useful if you are tracking multiple branches/tags/versions of the same project. Until now you had to name them differently in VersionEye to distinguish them. But now they can have the same name and it’s still easy to distinguish them because the version information is displayed directly next to the name.

In the project detail view the version information is displayed in the header.


VersionEye Maven Plugin 3.9.2

Java projects who are using the VersionEye Maven Plugin has to use at least version 3.9.2 for this feature. Older versions of the plugin are not sending the version information to the server.

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