Temp. Projects

Through the VersionEye API it is possible to create new projects on the platform. But sometimes there is a use case that a project file from a package manager should simply checked temporarily, but it should not remain on the server. Up to know for this use case 2 API requests have been mandatory.

  1. One API call to create the project and to check the response from the server
  2. And a 2nd API call to remove the project from the server.

Now this use case can be handled with 1 single API call. The Endpoint to upload a new project file and create a new project has a new optional parameter temp.

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 15.32.09

If the optional parameter temp has the value true, it means that it’s a temporarily project. Temp. projects don’t show up in the UI at all and they don’t cause project notification emails. They get removed from a background job regularly.

Feel free to try this new feature 🙂

One thought on “Temp. Projects

  1. By the way. Don’t try this feature via the SwaggerUI interface. Somehow SwaggerUI doesn’t send the optional params to the server. But This feature is fully unit tested and the whole VersionEye API has a test coverage of > 90%.

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