Team Filter for Organisations

A new feature was released yesterday! The team filter for projects inside of organisations! That is specially useful if you have a lot of projects inside of an organisation and many teams. In big companies/organisations usually a developer is working full time on one team and maybe on different projects. Up to now the projects view inside of the organisation view in VersionEye listed by default ALL projects from the organisation. But if you are a developer in the “Backend” team you are not interested into all the other projects. You only want to see the projects which belong to your team! The “Backend” team! And exactly that is solved now!


The projects inside an organisation can be filtered by teams now! If you belong to N teams, the last team is pre selected for you. That way by default you only see the projects which are relevant for you. Of course you can change the team filter afterwords to see projects from other teams or even ALL projects if you like.

Feedback welcome šŸ™‚

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