Changes for the VersionEye API

The VersionEye API just got even better. There are 2 new features available!

Security Vulnerability

The endpoint to fetch a project as JSON via HTTP GET request has a new attribute “sv_count” now. That stands for “security vulnerability count”. This number displays how many known security vulnerabilities exists in the project. This number should always be 0. If it’s bigger than 0 you have a problem!


This number can be used from API AddOns to break the build on a CI system if there are some security vulnerabilities! The VersionEye Maven Plugin has already implemented that!

Better support for organisations & teams

Now a project can be attached to an organisation AND a team at creation time! The endpoint for creating a new project at VersionEye has 2 new parameters now, the “orga_name” and “team_name” parameters!


With this 2 new parameters you can define the Organisation and Team which the project should be attached to! Both parameters are case sensitive! If an “orga_name” is defined without a team, the “Owners” team will be selected automatically!

The API will check the permission of the API key of course. If the API Key (User) isn’t part of the defined organisation or doesn’t has permission to assign projects to that organisation then the project still will be created, but not assigned to the organisation. In that case the project will belong to the user which owns the API key.

The VersionEye Maven Plugin is supporting this 2 new attributes already.


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