API Breaking Change! Project_Key -> Project_ID

There is a little breaking change in the VersionEye API. Up to know it was possible to use “Project_Key” AND “Project_ID” for the Project endpoints. The “Project_Key” was a unique project identifier inside of a user account. For example “npm_package_json_1″ or “gradle_build_gradle_1“. At the beginning of the project that looked like a good idea. But it wasn’t. Because nobody is typing project_keys by hand. It’s something you receive from the API and you copy & paste it into some kind of config file, depending on the tool you are using. And because it only lives in config files the Project ID is just as good for that use case. Maintaining the Project Key in the code base, means a lot of redundancy. And since the organisations & teams have been introduced, projects don’t belong necessarily to a single user anymore. That’s why the Project Key was removed from the code base and from the API. 

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