DevOps MeetUp in Mannheim

Yesterday was the very first DevOps MeetUp in Mannheim. VersionEye was sponsoring the event with Location, Pizza & Beer. Beside that I did an intro talk to Docker. I showed the basics and also demonstrated how VersionEye is using Docker for infrastructure deployment. Here are my slides.

The 2nd talk was from Michael Bahr about Ansible. He did a great intro and showed how you can use Ansbile to orchestrate Docker containers. His slides are here on SlideShare.

The event was a great success. More people showed up then expected. The room was full packed with people.


And even more people joint during the Docker talk. The left upper corner was completely full with people by end of the talk.

The event started at 7 PM. After the 2 talks most of the people stayed for Beer & Pizza and the networking part went until midnight.

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 12.54.08

It was a great kick off for DevOps Mannheim. Looking forward to the next event 🙂

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