UI updates – optimised for mobile

Today VersionEye got some further UI updates. The updates are all related to mobile first.

In a big browser you can search for a software library directly from the landing page and you get redirected to another page with the search results. On the search result page you can filter down the results by languages (left side).


On mobile the language filter was kind of in the way. Now on mobile the language filter is hidden. That way the actual search results are visible immediately.


The language filter is still there, but hidden by default on mobile. You can bring them up by clicking on the link “Show language filter”.

Beside that the sub menus in the login area got an update. Now they look like that.


They have a grey background and are “collapsable”. If you resize the window or simply visit the same page on a mobile phone then the menu looks like this.


The side menu collapsed behind the “burger” menu. The actual content is now visible without having the need to scroll down.

There are many more small improvements related to responsive design and mobile optimisation. Less than 10% of all VersionEye visitors are coming from mobile. But the number is growing slowly. It’s better to be prepared.

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