VersionEye SBT Plugin

Probably you know already the VersionEye Maven Plugin. Now there is a similar plugin for Scala SBT as well. The VersionEye SBT Plugin is maintained by Mark Paluch. He basically implemented the whole SBT plugin in 1 single day, because he is awesome!


Currently the plugin is not pushed to Maven Central or JCenter. Not yet! If you want to try it out, please clone the repository with git, navigate into the directory and run this to install the plugin into your local repository.

sbt publish

After that you can use the plugin in your own SBT projects. Simply follow the instructions on the README page here.

The cool thing is, that the plugin has a licenseCheck goal. This

sbt versioneye:licenseCheck

will update an existing VersionEye project with your current dependencies and check all dependencies against a central license whitelist on the server. If one of your dependencies is violating the license whitelist on the server, the plugin will exit with an Exception. If you run that goal on a CI server it will break your build if there is a license violation. If you work in a commercial team and you want to ensure that nobody is accidentally introducing a copyleft license, like GPL for example, then that’s the way to go 😉

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