Improved mute feature

VersionEye shows you which of your project dependencies are out-dated. Sometimes you have good reasons not to update. Sometimes you want to stick to an out-dated version, because the newest version is buggy or insecure. On the other side you don’t want to get the notification emails from VersionEye every day for that library. You know that it’s out-dated and you have your reasons to stick to it. In that case you can “mute” that specific artefact. In the project detail view, simply click the “mute” icon beside the newest version in the dependency table.

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 11.03.24

By clicking on the mute icon a modal dialog pops up where the user can provide a reason why this version should be muted.


In the next screenshot actionmailer version 4.2.6 is muted, thats’ why it’s displayed green.


If the next version of actionmailer comes out, let’s say 4.2.7, than the dependency turns red again. In that case you can take a look and try out the new version. If it is still buggy or insecure you can mute that version again.

This mute feature affects the overall project numbers and the project dependency badge. If you mute all your out-dated dependencies the dependency badge turns green.

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