Project Update Status

Perhaps you used already the “Re Parse Now” button at VersionEye. And probably you didn’t liked the user experience. The button is starting a background job in the cloud and for most of the small projects the background job is finished in less than 2 seconds. But for some bigger projects or specially multi file projects the job can take a bit longer and you didn’t receive any feedback about the status of the job. Maybe you refreshed the page and though that the numbers look odd. That was mostly because the background job was still running and the summed number calculation not 100% finished.

Now VersionEye shows you a progress bar as long the background job is running. That way you don’t have to guess. Now you know how long the job is running. If the background processing is finished the page will reload automatically.

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 08.22.18

This is a very new feature. You feedback is highly appreciated.

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