Project Summary Report

Probably you are using VersionEye for a multi file project. Most projects nowadays are using multiple languages/package managers. But even if you stick to 1 language you can end up with multiple files describing your dependencies.

If you have a big Java project on VersionEye, created through the VersionEye Maven Plugin, you will have a lot of dependencies. In the project view header you can see the summed up numbers over all your project files. Probably you will see that X dependencies are violating your license whitelist. But in order to see the affected dependencies you had to click through the project files in the license tab. All the ‘green’ dependencies are in the way and hiding the actual information you are looking for. That’s why the project view got a big improvement now!

Now every project view has a “Summary”. This shows you in the “Versions” tab all out-dated and unknown dependencies over all your project files. That way you can see immediately what’s going wrong and you don’t have to click through the project files anymore to find your out-dated dependencies.  Here is an example how it looks like.


In the “License” tab you get a similar summary report where you can see all dependencies which violate your license whitelist.

You can click on the sub projects header to dig deeper and to see all the dependencies. The old project views are still available.

This is a very new feature. Please give feedback and tell how it works for you.

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