Biicode Integration

Biicode is a new programming environment for C and C++ developers. It is a package manager and dependency manager for C/C++ which works on ALL platforms. Biicode is the Maven for C/C++.


It is a young project, but absolute necessary. Finally there is a common way to manage C/C++ dependencies. And that’s why VersionEye supports Biicode. VersionEye is crawling the whole biicode repository once an hour. ALL biicode packages are available on VersionEye as well. Every biicode package has a page at VersionEye, where you can see the most important KPIs and all dependencies.


You can follow any biicode package and VersionEye will notify you about new versions via email. But that’s not all. With biicode you describe your C or C++ dependencies in an biicode.conf file. VersionEye can monitor your biicode.conf file directly on GitHub or Bitbucket and notify you about Updates for your open source dependencies.


VersionEye makes your dependencies visible and keeps you informed.

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 16.28.03

Try out the new Biicode integration and let us know what you think, either here in the comments or on Twitter.

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