VersionEye Maven Plugin 3.4.0

Just released version 3.4.0 of the VersionEye Maven Plugin. It brings 2 new features and 1 enhancement.


The biggest change is that by default it tracks plugins now. All plugins who are explicitly defined in a pom.xml file are now treated a regular dependencies of the project. They get submitted to the VersionEye API with the “plugin” scope. In the Web Interface the plugins show up in the dependency table.

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 18.09.59

If you don’t want to track your plugins with the VersionEye Maven Plugin you can disable this feature. Simply add this line to your plugin configuration:



Up to now the plugin only tracked dependencies under the “dependencies” node. Now dependencies under the “dependencyManagement” node are tracked as well!


If a project has a license whitelist assigned to it the goal

mvn versioneye:licenseCheck

will check if there is a violation. If so it will break the build. That is still the default behaviour. But now there is a new configuration option to break the build for dependencies without any license information.


By default this value is “false”. If it is set to “true” the goal

mvn versioneye:licenseCheck

will break the build if there is a license violation OR if there is a dependency without any license information.

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