The unKonf at bitExpert AG

Last weekend we sponsored the unKonf in Mannheim. The event was hosted by bitExpert AG, a software solution provider from Mannheim with a beautiful office close to the water.

Stefan Koopmanschap started the day with his Keynote about “Developers are just like humans“. He talked about how the book “The Art of Asking” influenced him and how many paralleles he recognised between the book and the life of software developers.


For a designer it is easy to show his art. For designers it is easy to show what they did. It’s easy for them to explain their work because they can show it.
It’s not that easy for software developers! Sometimes they work for months on very difficult problems and they really have to be creative to come up with solutions. But their work is invisible for for non techies. Nobody is “seeing” the actual work. It’s not like a nice painting. They can not hang a couple thousand lines of code on the wall. They even struggle to explain their work to their parents and partners! But they are still artists and very creative people. And they should be proud of it!

The unKonf is an un conference. That means the sessions are not pre planed like on an actual conference. The session planing happens in the morning and the participants create the sessions plan dynamically. Everybody can step up and announce a session. If enough people are interested it will be part of the session plan. This is an picture from the session planing in the morning.


Altogether we had 18 sessions for the day, distributed over 3 rooms. We had sessions to a lot of topics. Sessions to IoT, Lean Management, DevOps, APIs, Code Generation, Microservices, Mobile Apps, CRM, Version & License Management and JavaScript.

Not all sessions did require a beamer. Some sessions happened in the chill out room. This is Oliver Gierke from the Spring Data project talking about Microservices. He also did another talk about REST WebServices with hypermedia.


I did a session to VersionEye and showed how easy it is to setup a project and to get notifications about new versions. I also showed how easy it is to setup a license whitelist and to ensure a license policy in a software project. I got a lot of questions but the feedback was good and useful!

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 16.01.51

At the end of the day all speakers got a coupon from dpunkt for a free book. Many thanks for that 🙂


Altogether it was a great event. Specially the organisation from bitExpert was very professional. The WiFi was always working without any problems and the food was really awesome! It was a great opportunity to meet new people and to exchange knowledge. Really can recommend this event for next year!

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