Talk: Dependency & License Management with VersionEye

I was supposed to give a talk in Berlin tomorrow at the CoWorking space co.up. The topic is “Dependency & License Management with VersionEye“. Here is the summary:

I will give a short intro to open source dependency management. Which tools are available (Maven, Bundler, NPM and many more)? How are dependencies handled in different computer languages? What are the pros and cons of this tools?
In the 2nd part of my talk I will talk about open source licenses. How to deal with software licenses? What are the most important licenses and what do they mean to my project? How can I avoid to get in trouble? Which tools exist on the market for open source license management?
The talk is interesting for every software developer but also for project managers and everybody who is responsible for software warranty!

Because of family problems I’m not able to do a trip to Berlin. But I will do the talk remotely via Skype. I will share my screen so that the slides will appear on the Beamer at co.up. And Matthias from EuroStaff promised to organise professional speakers so that everybody can hear me loud & clear. After the talk I will answer questions.

There will be no live streaming, but we will record the Skype session and put it on Vimeo & YouTube a couple days later. Please join the event! I’m looking forward to an active discussion.

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