Important change in the default settings!

Up to now each project on VersionEye was private by default! That means only you (the owner) and the project collaborators had read access to the project. This behaviour changed now. Now each project is public by default! That means that everybody who knows the URL to the project can see the dependency & license tab of the project.

Why we did this? Because many users shared URLs to their projects via Email. But because it was private by default the receivers have been redirected to the our landing page. That was just not the expected behaviour. And we had to explain everybody that they have to make the project “public” in the project settings before they share their link. The current default setting makes is much more easier to share links to VersionEye projects!

In the project settings tab it is still possible to turn the project to private mode. In that way only the project owner and project collaborators can access the project. Everybody else gets redirected to the landing page.

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 18.17.30

The project itself is not part of the open search at VersionEye, even if it is public! And if nobody knows the URL to your project nobody will find it!

Let us know what you think about this new default setting. Either here in the comments or on Twitter.

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