VersionEye Enterprise Updates

The VersionEye Enterprise VM runs 9 Docker containers. Updates are available now! ALL Docker container have been updated! Please shut down and remove ALL your running Docker containers and download and run the new ones in this order:

  • reiz/mongodb:2.6.6
  • reiz/elasticsearch:0.9.1
  • reiz/memcached:1.4.14
  • reiz/rabbitmq:3.4.2
  • veye/tasks:1.13.10
  • veye/crawlr:1.5.0
  • veye/rails_api:2.2.22
  • veye/rails_app:3.1.9

This Update contains upgrades for the backend systems and some important BugFixes for the multi file project feature.

Don’t fear that you will loose your data, because of the MongoDB update. The data is not stored inside of the MongoDB Docker container! The data is stored on the Host. Don’t worry! Your data is safe.

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