New Project Notification Emails

Up to now VersionEye sent out one notification email for each of your projects. That was not the best solution, specially for power users with 100+ projects because they got A LOT of emails. The new version only sends out 1 single email with a summary.

Assume you have 100 projects in VersionEye. 50 of them are monitored daily, and the other 50 are monitored weekly. In that case you receive now every day just 1 single email with a summary about your daily monitored projects. That looks similar like this one here.

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 18.03.19
The Dependencies column shows how many dependencies in the project are out-dated and how many are unknown. The Licenses column shows how many dependencies violet the license whitelist and for how many dependencies VersionEye doesn’t know the license.

By clicking on the project name you come to the project detail page on VersionEye, where you can see all dependencies of the project with more details.

Now you get less emails and a better oveview.

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