Code.Talks 2014

Beginning of this month I went to the Code.Talks conference in Hamburg. It’s a big conference for software developers, with almost 1500 attendees and 115 speakers. The conference is now 3 years old. In the first 2 years it was known as “Developer Conference”.


The special thing here is that the conference is in a cinema! It happens in the Cinemaxx cinema at Hamburg-Dammtor. The speakers are doing the talk directly in a cinema room on the stage.


And the audience is sitting in the cinema chairs with nachos & popcorn listening the talk 😀


That’s a completely different conference experience 🙂

Then I arrived on Thursday morning the entry was full packed with people. Everybody was waiting in a line to get their badges.


Thanks god the line for the speakers was quiet short and I got my badge very quickly. I met immediately some friends I knew from other conferences. Somebody told me that is looking forward to my talk today. I told him that my talk is at Friday. But he told me: “No, your talk is today at 1pm after lunch!”. He turned around my badge and indeed, he was right!


I was a little bit shocked because my presentation was not 100% ready. So I left the code.talks immediately to visit the next Starbucks to finish my slides. After 2 hours and 1 coffee grande my “Continuous Updating” presentation was ready for code.talks! 🙂

I never gave a presentation in a cinema. That was new for me. But at least the canvas was big enough 🙂 Kinosaal 2 was almost full. The audience was great! They have been very interested and asked many questions to Continuous Updating and VersionEye. Here are my slides from the code.talks.

Work done! After my talk I was much more relaxed and I could enjoy the rest of the conference.

The cool thing was that we all had a flatrate for Nachos, Popcorn and CocaCola 🙂


Now you might think that’s not healthy. But that’s not true. You could order your Nachos with Jalapenos as well. That’s almost like lettuce.

Code.Talks is not restricted to a single programming language, like other conferences. That means there are talks to a wide range of topics. There have been many beginner talks, which is good if you want to learn something new. Beside the pure tech talks there have been some talks to project management and digital life as well!


All together it was good conference with interesting people.

See you next year at code.talks!

2 thoughts on “Code.Talks 2014

  1. Vielen Dank für das positive Feedback! Es freut uns natürlich sehr, wenn es den Teilnehmern und euch Speakern bei den code.talks 2014 so gut gefallen hat.
    Um die Konferenz noch einmal Revue passieren zu lassen, könnt ihr alle Talks aus Saal 1 noch einmal auf unserem Youtube Channel ansehen. Dort gibt es auch Videos aus den vergangenen Konferenzjahren zu sehen.

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