VersionEye Enterprise Updates

There are again new Docker Containers available for VersionEye Enterprise. If you navigate in your Docker Web UI to the Remote Images you will see 5 new Docker Containers.


Please download them into the VersionEye Enterprise VM. And don’t forget to stop and remove the old containers before you start new containers out of the new Docker images.

New Scheduler

Up to now, some background jobs have been triggered by hard coded cron jobs on the VM. This changed completely. The new Containers are working with the Rufus Scheduler and the times are configurable now for the Admin user. If you are logged in as Admin you will see a new navigation item “Scheduler”.


Here you can configure when certain emails should be send out. You can use cron expressions to configure the scheduler. If you make changes here you have to restart the “veye/tasks” Docker container.

If you run internal a CocoaPods Repository for your iOS Development you can configure now when the CocoaPods Repository should be crawled.


In the example above the CocoaPods Repository will be crawled once a hour. At each full hour at 32 minutes.

Maven Repository Support

Probably you noticed it already, there is a completely new Docker container. The “veye/crawlj” container. This Docker container contains some Java Crawlers which can crawl your internal Maven Repository Server.


In the example above it’s configured to crawl an internal Artifactory Pro Repository from JFrog. VersinEye Enterprise takes advantage of Artifactories REST JSON API. Some Endpoints on the API require a basic authentication. That’s why VersionEye Enterprise needs a valid user/password pair from Artifactory to be able to crawl all software components in Artifactory.

The crawl itself can be triggered again with an cron expression. Usually it’s enough to perform a crawl once a day. If you change the cron expression here you have to restart the “veye/crawlj” container. Depending on how many components there are in Artifactory a crawl can take several hours.

Contact us if you have questions to this new containers. We are always happy to help.

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