Scala SBT Support

We just added another package manager to our list. Now VersionEye supports Scala SBT. Now VersionEye can monitor your build.sbt file on GitHub or Bitbucket and notify you about out-dated dependencies in your Scal project.

All you need to do is, login to VersionEye with your existing GitHub/Bitbucket account and navigate to your repository. Simply flip the switch beside your build.sbt file you would like to monitor.

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 10.50.42

After the file was parsed successfully the name turns into a link. Simply click on the link to see the out-dated dependencies.

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 10.51.02

Now you can see immediately which of your dependencies are out-dated and what would be the newest version number. By default VersionEye checks your project once a week and notifies you about out-dated dependencies in your project via email. Of course you can change the frequency in the settings.

But even better, if you click on the link “Visual Dependencies” VersionEye shows you ALL your transitive dependencies as JavaScript wheel.


As bigger the graph is, as more complex your project is. Try to keep it small 😉

The Scala SBT support is quiet young. Please let me know how it works for you. Your feedback is highly appreciated.

4 thoughts on “Scala SBT Support

  1. This is great! Unfortunately I doubt that many non-trivial Scala projects use a build.sbt file — the rest use .scala build files.

    As an alternative to supporting .scala build files, it might be easier and more useful to release an SBT plugin which works similarly to your maven plugin. There is already an sbt-updates plugin which lists available dependency updates but the new licence whitelisting VersionEye offers is a very compelling feature, especially if it also caught JS lib licences (perhaps starting with WebJars…).

    1. Hi Ben. I totally agree with you. A VersionEye SBT Plugin would be the next step. The VersionEye API is completely open and documented. There are currently 7 projects which use the VersionEye API. With the exception of the Maven Plugin, all of these projects are coming from the community. Would be cool if somebody writes a SBT Plugin for VersionEye. I’m not very good in Scala, but I would help as good as I can 😉

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