VersionEye Enterprise Updates

New week, new Docker containers 🙂

As you may now VersionEye Enterprise is taking advantage of Docker containers to update the VersionEye Enterprise VM. Here are the newest updates.

  • veye/rails_app:2.3.11
  • veye/rails_api:1.0.3
  • veye/tasks:1.0.12


Version 2.3.11 of the veye/rails_app container contains several small improvements:

  • GitHub Branches: The new Single Page App with ReactJS only fetched the first 30 branches to a GitHub repository. That is fixed now!
  • Private Git Repos: By default VersionEye only asks for permission to public git repositories. The new Single Page App now contains a link to enable access to private Git repositories.
  • Profile Page: The user profile page contains a small Google Maps snippet, which shows the location of the user. There was a bug which prevented loading the Google Maps. This bug is fixed now. This feature only works if the location is stored in the profile settings of the user.
  • Licenses: On each package page the licenses are listed. Some software libraries contain more than 1 license and some of them have listed the same license twice in different writing style. The current view substitutes licenses which are written differently, but really are the same.
  • License Links: Some Software packages only contain a license name information in their native repositories. Now VersionEye makes this licenses clickable as well. If a project provides only the license name information “MIT”, then VersionEye generates automatically the link to


Version 1.0.3 of the veye/rails_api container contains an improvement for the Reference Endpoint API. The way VersionEye calculates and stores these reference information changed dramatically. This version contains the newest versioneye-core module which knows how to deal with the new reference structure.


Version 1.0.12 of the veye/tasks container contains the newest versioneye-core module and some bugfixes related to veye/rails_app:2.3.11.

Contact us if you need more support.

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