VersionEye Enterprise update

The VersionEye Enterprise VM runs services as Docker containers. Currently the VM runs 7 containers. Through the Admin Interface they can be managed easily.



New Web App

The Web App is one of this containers. Now the new version 2.0.12 is available. This version contains many small improvements. One of this improvements is an update for the Email settings. As you may know you can configure VersionEye Enterprise with your own SMTP Server, to send out the notification emails.


In this mask “Username”, “Password” and “Domain” was mandatory. Somehow I thought that makes sense. But some SMTP Servers run without authentication and are protected by IP Tables. That makes sense, too! In the new rails_app these fields are not mandatory anymore.

Beside that there was a bug that prevented you to disable TLS. That bug is fixed now as well!

Beside this 2 small “BugFixes” there is one big architecture change included in this release. The Web App doesn’t process the import of GitHub Repositories by itself anymore. These tasks are now outsourced to workers through RabbitMQ. That scales better and doesn’t block the Application server. If you want to use the new rails_app:2.012 container you need 2 more containers. The RabbitMQ container and the tasks container, which performs the actual work.


The RabbitMQ container is an open source container. You need to download and start it before the rails_app:2.0.12 container. Just navigate in the Admin Interface to the Docker Images and click the download button beside reiz/rabbitmq:1.0.0.


Depending on your connection that can take a couple minutes. After the download is done you will see the image in your local Image inventory.


Click in that row the “Create Container” button, to create a container out of that image. Now you will see the container in your container list. Click the start button in the rabbitmq row to start the container. The row should look similar to that one and you should see the uptime.



The veye/tasks:1.0.6 container performs the actual work for GitHub Repository imports. To get it up and running you need to do the same steps for this container as for the reiz/rabbitmq:1.0.0 container.

  • Download the veye/tasks:1.0.6 image
  • Create a container out of the veye/tasks:1.0.6 image
  • Start the veye/tasks:1.0.6 container.


To get the rails_app:2.0.12 up and running at first you have to stop and delete the current “veye/rails_app” container. Then repeat the same steps:

  • Download the veye/rails_app:2.0.12 image
  • Create a container out of the veye/rails_app:2.0.12 image
  • Start the veye/rails_app:2.0.12 container.

One more thing

Don’t delete the veye/rails_app:1.0.1 image from the VM. There are 3 cron jobs running on the VM which have this version hard coded. Sorry for that! In future the veye/tasks container will do all the work which now gets done by the cron jobs. And there will be a nice Web Interface to manage this jobs.

If you need some support to get this running contact me on Twitter.

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