Happy Customer Feedback from Houston/Texas


I just got this lovely email from a happy VersionEye user. That makes me tick every day. She gave me the permission to share her email on this blog. Many Thanks Sarah 🙂


Hi VersionEye Team!

I love the email notifications for open source project updates. I currently follow a very small open source Django project Tendenci, and I used to work at the company and I love building web apps on top of tendenci.

However – tendenci is really small as a company and open source community, so they don’t push out newsletters or anything and github notifications are so numerous and report back practically everything going on. Your emails notify me and I can go update my own personal projects with the newest version really easily.

That’s pretty much what I use you for other than I also use your open source stats page (https://www.versioneye.com/statistics) to show people when I’m speaking or whenever a client asks me “what programming language should I use for building this newfangled app thing?”

I love that stats page – please don’t ever take it away from me. 🙂

I would love it if somehow you could figure out a way to report anonymous stats on private projects by languages/other tech, but I’ve heard that could be challenging to get permission from private repo owners.

I am happy to try and keep adding feedback, I’m not sure if I’m your ideal paying customer as I don’t see myself personally paying for VersionEye… however, I do see myself referring people to use VersionEye and so if there’s someway I can answer specific questions, let me know.



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