Geek2Geek NoSQL

Last Friday we met again for the Geek2Geek event in Berlin. The theme this time was NoSQL. 40 people RSVPd on and 42 joint actually the event. Not bad for a Friday night 🙂


Jan Lehnardt gave the first talk about CouchDB. A database that uses JSON for documents, JavaScript for Map and Reduce queries, and regular HTTP for an API.


Jan is one of the core comitters of the CouchDB project and knows the database in and out. Jan gave us a very entertaining overview about the features of CouchDB 🙂


Stefan Plantikow made the 2nd talk about Neo4J, a graph database written in Java and Scala.  Stefan is one of the core comitters of the project.


He is a brave guy, because he did a live demo. Thanks God the internet was working and Maven could download all dependencies without any errors 🙂


Stefan showed us the new features in version 2.0 of Neo4J and he even talked about new and not yet presented features in version 2.1.

The 3rd talk was by Martin Schoener about ArangoDB, a multi-purpose, multi-model, non-relational, open source database. Martin is the chief architect at the ArangoDB project.


Beside ArangoDB he talked also about the other database systems and he showed us a very interesting landscape of dbs, which caused quiet some active discussions.


The event was a lot of fun with all this great people. After the talks we moved to a pizza shop around the corner, where we stayed until midnight. We talked for a couple hours about databases and languages.



Pizza and Drinks have been sponsored by 2 awesome companies. Many Thanks for that.


Locafox is a young StartUp from Berlin. They work on a real-time online/offline solution for retail. It’s a young team in the middle of Berlin and currently they are hiring. Check out the positions here:



TempoDB is a young database StartUp from Chicago. TempoDB is purpose-built to store & analyze time series data from sensors, smart meters, servers & more. If you want to join the team send an email to

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 19.20.35

Many Thanks again to our great sponsors. Many Thanks for the Pizza & Beer.

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