Updated GitHub SinglePage App

Because more then 60% of all users at VersionEye are using the “Login with GitHub” button the GitHub integration is very important to us. That’s why we improved again our GitHub SinglePage App. Here are the most important updates.

No Polling

The last version of the app polled updates from the server every 30 seconds and that caused some strange behaviour. Specially if it updated the view during you clicked around or typed something into the search field. We removed the polling completely.

Async Fetching

The very first time you start the GitHub SinglePage App it will fetch all your repositories from GitHub and cache it. This fetching process happens now asynchronously. It is non blocking and during the fetching process you can see the progress, who many of your repositories are already fetched.

Reimport manually

Because we removed the polling completely we added 2 “Reimport” links. In the right upper corner you can click the “Reimport all repositories” link, which will clear the cache and reimport all your current repositories from GitHub.

Next to each repository you have now a link “Update the repository”, which will only reimport ALL branches from that repository.

Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 11.48.00

Let us know how you like our updates.

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