Free computing power for Berlin startups

If you have a startup in Berlin, it is very likely that you need some computing power. Dedicated servers are ridiculous cheap in Germany! Much, much cheaper than in the U.S. At Hetzner you get a QuadCore monster server with 32 GB RAM and 2 TB HDD for only EUR 49 / month.

Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 11.59.32

But you can have it even cheaper. As a startup you can get free computing power from Amazon and Microsoft for at least 1 year.

Amazon Web Services recently launched his Amazon Activate program. This program offers startups free computing power worth up to $15,000! If you are in an accelerator or incubator program you are already pre-approved! Having a 15K promo code for AWS is pretty amazing. Many thanks to Amazon!

Microsoft recently opened an office and started an incubator program in Berlin. They offer a $60K promo code for their Azure Cloud to startups. You can check out their offer here. The Azure Cloud is not limited to MS Windows anymore! They opened up their technology stack, so that you can even run a Linux instance on it.

Google is offering at least $2K for their App Engine. But it’s more a starter pack.

And in the Berlin startup scene there are rumours that Deutsche Telekom wants to enter the Cloud market for developers. And you can bet that they will have a free package for the Berlin startup scene as well!

So, if you are startup in Berlin and you are still spending a lot of money for you computing power, you are doing something wrong.

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