Updating an existing VersionEye project using API

The VersionEye API enables you to create a project using the API. All you need to do is use POST to send your project file to the “/v1/projects.json” endpoint. VersionEye then creates a new project for it and returns a JSON with the used libraries and any outdated information.

There is already an add-on for the Symfony Developer Toolbar:



And one for the Zend Dev. toolbar:


These modules send your composer.json file to the VersionEye server.  Unfortunately, the first version created a new project at VersionEye each time there was a post. This is not the desired behavior. We added a new endpoint to the API which enables API developers to update existing projects.

The process now looks like this. First, you upload the composer.json file via POST to this resource: “/v1/projects.json“. In the response, VersionEye returns a “project_key” for the project. Next, you send the composer.json file via POST to this new resource: “/v1/projects/{project_key}.json“.

Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 10.05.20 AM

The new endpoint, “/v1/projects/{project_key}.json”, does not create a new project. It only updates an existing project. Please use it in the future to update an existing project.

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