Batch Applications in Java EE 7 – Understanding JSR 352 Concepts:

Batch Applications in Java EE 7 – Understanding JSR 352 Concepts:

Batch processing is execution of series of “jobs” that is suitable for non-interactive, bulk-oriented and long-running tasks. Typical examples are end-of-month bank statement generation, end-of-day jobs such as interest calculation, and ETL (extract-transform-load) in a data warehouse. These tasks are typically data or computationally intensive, execute sequentially or in parallel, and may be initiated through various invocation models, including ad-hoc, scheduled, and on-demand.

JSR 352 will define a programming model for batch applications and a runtime for scheduling and executing jobs. This blog will explain the main concepts in JSR 352.

The diagram below highlight the key concepts of a batch processing architecture…

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