PHPFog is Coming to an End – But Don’t Panic!

PHPFog is Coming to an End – But Don’t Panic!

Have you heard PHPFog is coming to an end? No, well – it is. That’s right, in a recent announcement on their mailing list, the company has said that PHPFog will be no more by the end of January, 2013. But if you’re on their platform, don’t panic! The new, combined platform may be even better than what you’re accustomed to with them now.

Cloud is all the rage these days so it’s likely a lot of us have applications deployed with one or more cloud providers, whether they’re our pet projects, professional projects, or projects for our employers. And as AppFog is one of the larger vendors, with venture funding of around $9.8 million, this announcement should not go unnoticed because you might be affected either directly or indirectly…

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