BarCamp Stuttgart

Last weekend we sponsored BarCamp Stuttgart.

A BarCamp is an UnConference. That means there is no Agenda. On the first day everybody can step onto the stage and make a session suggestion. If there is enough interest from the audience for the session, than it is part of the agenda. In that way every morning the agenda gets created.

The topics are very different. There are session to Technology, Web, Software, Agile, Social Media, Blogging, Coffee and more. Our CEO Robert did a talk about VersionEye and dependency management.

BarCamp Stuttgart is one of the biggest BarCamps in Germany. More than 400 people attended to this event last weekend. And almost 60 sessions got hold in 2 days. That is quiet a lot for a BarCamp.

We are happy that VersionEye was a part of this awesome event.

Next year we will come back.

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